The DandyLand name was formed
when Dan and Wendy were married
in 1981.

'Dandy' is the 1st three letters of
Daniel and the last 3 letters of Wendy
and 'Land ' is our passion!!
In 2003, Dan and Wendy searched
out a new vision for growth and
competition in the marketplace.

Their desire to offer the greatest
return to their absentee landowners,
farm managers and others who rely
on the expertise of an informed

DandyLand Farms became an Iowa
General Partnership and grew to
supply the area with job
opportunities and more profit
potential for investors and current
DandyLand Farms at sunset...
In an effort to become one of the
most efficient production facilities
nationwide, our equipment is not
only top-notch, but industry leading.
Getting ready to go back into
Time for a rest, and we'll fire up this
bad boy again on another day!
Dan Wood, with dad, Amos Wood
This is a Gerringhoff folding 16-row
corn head...was the first of its kind in
the U.S.
The kids of DandyLand...
Landowner Harriet & Dan after a ride
during harvest...
Landowner appreciation banquet...
Uncle Ellery is ready for another day
of Harvest 2008.
Wrapping up the 2008 Soybean
Winter, 2008. Neither sleet, nor snow
nor hail...
Luke ready for his last load of the
2008 harvest.
6th generation DandyLand